Creating a more just and sustainable economy



My name is Shilbee Kim. Shilbee means drizzle rain in Korean. Soothing energy and putting out fires is in my name. 


For the past 10 years, I have worked towards building a more just and sustainable economy that prioritizes people and planet. 


I believe that our current capitalist system is broken, perpetuating inequality while corrupting our relationship to one another and the land. So I collaborate on solutions within the capitalist system or create alternative economies altogether so that we can all thrive. ​

What am I excited about?


I see a tremendous opportunity with the cannabis legalization in Canada for justice and healing while increasing economic opportunities for all. 


It’s a growing pie so why keep it to a few? What would it look like if abundance of health and prosperity flowed to everyone? What if this new industry emerged with equity, sharing and caring, and respect for plant and nature as core values? Canada has an opportunity to do things differently as a global leader in the cannabis industry.

I'm currently on the national online Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty team lobbying the government to expunge criminal records for minor cannabis possessions affecting 500,000 Canadians. This is just the start.


As the cannabis sector grows, I'm looking for collaborators with shared values so that we can share wealth, accelerate healing and raise global consciousness. 

What have I collaborated on?


After completing an Honours in International Development specializing in Economics at McGill University, I have:


I find points of tension or convergence that can be nudged to shift power, resources, and capital.

What I bring to the table are:

Inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility lens and framework that prioritize underrepresented voices and experiences. For my diversity and inclusion consulting services, click here.

Knowledge of different economic models

(co-operatives, social enterprise, sharing economy, gifting economy, solidarity economy). For my workshops or speaking on these topics, click here.

Dynamic facilitation skills to mobilize people and resources and designing experiences that maximize group flow.

For my facilitation services, click here. 

Passion for working with values aligned collaborators with complementary skills.

If you want to collaborate on a project with shared purposeclick here.

Eyes for pattern-recognition to identify and leverage opportunities for economic, cultural or social shifts in a given context.

Interdisciplinary do-er attitude that breathes life into abstract ideas.



Managed a social enterprise coworking space called the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) Regent Park for 4+ years that supports activists, community leaders, non-profits, and socially conscious companies. My primary responsibility was to ensure the long-term sustainability of the space while continuing to amplify impact of 100+ organizations and increasing access to residents in the neighbourhood.   

Centre for social innovation
regent park

Gifting circles


Experimented with neighbour-to-neighbour monthly gifting circles for community building in Regent Park, a neighbourhood going through transition from 100% social housing to mixed income model. Gifting could be anything offered by residents - storytelling, pizza making, singing, salsa dancing, etc. This ritual lasted a year engendering gratitude and acted as an equalizer amongst community members.

    community potluckS

Started bi-monthly potlucks through the work at CSI with Toronto Community Housing and Daniels Corporation to connect folks who work in and residents who are relocated, returning and new to the Regent Park neighbourhood. Everyone loves food. We used this magnetic attractor to convene folks, constantly reducing barriers for participation, and deepening their connection to one another with creative programming. 


Co-created equitable revenue and barter model through the work at CSI with inclusion trainers Rania El Mugammar and Jason Rocky Carter on an educational series How to be an Ally teaching leaders in the social mission sector on how they can better ally with BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. We partnered with 5 inclusion trainers who led 25 workshops, generated $25,000 income for BIPOC educators and partners, raised $12,000 for CSI Regent Park, and reached over 2,000 people.

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