My name is Shilbee Kim. Shilbee means drizzle rain in Korean. Soothing energy and putting out fires are in my name. 


Like for so many people, Kim's Convenience is a story of my life. I grew up watching my parents working non-stop in a convenience store to make ends meet. Seeing many people struggle, I was challenged to ask: why are some people relegated to convenience stores while others become billionaires? Is wealth just financial? How do we even out the playing field so everyone can thrive?


I collaborate on solutions within the capitalist system or create alternative economies altogether so that we can realize our full potential. What would it look like if abundance of health and prosperity flowed to everyone? What if industries changed and new ones emerged with equity, sharing and caring, and respect for the environment as core values?


With an Honours in International Development with Economics minor at McGill University and professional experience with social enterprise development or growth at organizations such as the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty, the Centre for Social Innovation, and the Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto, I coach organizations on alternative business models and expansions. 

Additionally, I believe that passion is one of our main fuels for sustained positive change within companies/organizations and societies at large. I coach individuals wanting to clarify their passions and co-create a safer space for them to explore their passions by bringing a deeper awareness around their body cues, strength-based tools, and limiting & expansive beliefs to support their process of moving from awareness to action. 

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I coach intrapreneurs (people who work in corporations, government, non-profits) & social entrepreneurs (businesses that prioritize people and planet) who want to clarify their passions so that they can have values-driven impact in their workplace, businesses, and societies at large.

Passion Coaching: 


Using an ancient Japanese framework called Ikigai, your reason for being, I support people in (re)connecting with their passions for more clarity, motivation and confidence around how they want to improve their workplace, businesses and societies. The process includes co-creating a safer space for you to explore what you really love, what you're great at, what the world needs, and what you and the world value. The convergence of these four areas is where your Ikigai lives. For more information, click here.

Social Enterprise Coaching:


As a social enterprise coach for Innoweave, the Women of Ontario Social Enterprise Network, and the Toronto Enterprise Fund, I support people who are exploring or growing a social enterprise by using alternative leadership and business models that put people and planet first. This process includes assessing viability, conducting feasibility studies, using the business model canvas to test concepts, and writing business plans. Please note that I'm not taking on any new clients at the moment.

theory of change


better economy


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Yusra Khan, Director, Market Conduct, Coast Capital Savings

"I was a client of Shilbee’s in early 2020.  I had achieved quite a bit of a success on my chosen career path but was starting to feel a bit stuck in my short-term aspirations and I wondered whether I needed to re-asses my passions and purpose. Over the four weeks that we worked together, Shilbee created an environment that invited reflection from my conscious and unconscious self through various tools and techniques. She was very responsive to my preferences, and during our finale session even accommodated my request to slightly alter her well thought-out plans. Shilbee challenged me to push past my mental blocks and helped me feel grounded in my short-term aspirations while staying true to my values and ultimate goal. As a result of our sessions together, I feel reinvigorated and excited about my work and my life. Shilbee also created a personalized report for me after our sessions concluded which has helped me to stay focused on the big picture with more ease and confidence in myself."

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Karlyn Percil, CEO, KDPM Consulting Group Inc. 

"I hired Shilbee as a Passion Coach to help me dive deeper into the heart of what we do at KDPM Consulting Group Inc. This process resulted in us working together, diving deeper into the heartbeat of my passion. With every session, I walked away more connected and aligned with what I know is true. Through her process, Shilbee helped me unearth hidden dreams held hostage by my inner child, reconnected me to the main heartbeat of my passion resulting in newfound clarity, deeper impact and a passion-driven roadmap for myself and my company. 

Shilbee is an incredible coach who knows how to hold non-judgmental space which allowed me to increase trust in self, allowing me to dream bigger. If you are looking to deepen your impact or find that spark again, hire Shilbee - she will guide you with passion."

Amanda Chen, Founder of Salty Paloma

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"I was curious about Shilbee's passion sessions as I had been having bad luck working with other counselling services and liked how open her approach was. Shilbee's passion sessions were one of the main things I looked forward to every week. I knew I would be experiencing so much growth about myself and I was so excited for the path I was on. Shilbee has completely changed my life with these sessions by showing me the mirror and guiding me through the process of self reflection, finding peace with myself and most of all, finding my passion again! I was feeling very lost when I first started with Shilbee and now weeks after I constantly go back to her work and re-read what we've covered. It's truly been an extraordinary experience."


the campaign for cannabis amnesty

Conducted a feasibility study on a social enterprise idea that uses innovative partnership models with industry for the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty, a non-profit that lobbied the government to pass legislation that pardons criminal records for minor cannabis possession charges.  

Centre for social innovation

regent park

Managed a social enterprise coworking space called the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) Regent Park for 4+ years that supports activists, community leaders, non-profits, and socially conscious companies. My primary responsibility was to ensure the long-term sustainability of the space while continuing to amplify impact of 100+ social purpose organizations and increasing access to residents in the neighbourhood.   


Initiated neighbour-to-neighbour monthly gifting circles for community building in Regent Park, a neighbourhood going through transition from 100% social housing to mixed income model. Gifting could be anything offered by residents - storytelling, pizza making, singing, salsa dancing, etc. This ritual lasted a year engendering gratitude and was intended to be an equalizer amongst community members.

Gifting circles

    community potluckS

Started bi-monthly potlucks through the work at CSI with Toronto Community Housing and Daniels Corporation to connect folks who work in and residents who are relocated, returning and new to the Regent Park neighbourhood. Everyone loves food. We used this magnetic attractor to convene folks, constantly reducing barriers for participation, and deepening their connection to one another with creative programming. 


Co-created equitable revenue and barter model through the work at CSI with inclusion trainers Rania El Mugammar and Jason Rocky Carter on an educational series How to be an Ally with 5 equity trainers educating leaders in the social mission sector on how they can better ally with BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ communities. 

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